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'Man masters nature not by force but by understanding' - Jacob Bronowski


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Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets (2nd edition)

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Meta Research is a non-profit corporation supported by donations, memberships, products, and services. Please consider a membership to support our continued research.

The follow is a brief description of each product and a link to more information.

Memberships & Store: Memberships are available at several levels starting with Supporting Members ($25/yr), Sustaining Members ($50/yr) and Patron Members ($100+/yr).  All Members receive notification of on-line MRB publications and other news relevant to Meta Science. On request, Members are admitted to the Members Only area of Message Board, and any other Members-only features as they open. The Store offers Memberships, selected books, and print subscriptions.

Professional Manuscript/Proposal Review Service: To accommodate parties who have need of a professional review service for manuscripts, we have instituted a new pay service. Ask us also about consultant or research fees.

Meta Research Bulletin: 4-issue subscriptions are $24/year for U.S. and Canada, $29/year for all other countries. Single back issues of the bulletin may be purchased for $5 each ($2 each for Members).

CDs. See contents of "Gravity" CD.

Extended Meta-notes by E-mail (EME) is an extensive list of short summaries and pointers to noteworthy papers in the journals. The EME Master File, a compendium of such notes extending back to 1992, will be available soon in our store. (Check there to see if it is available yet.)

Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets (2nd edition) by Tom Van Flandern, published by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley. Sponsored by Meta Research and revised in 1999, this 2nd edition has been updated and contains several new chapters. Subject matter is the origin and nature of things in the universe from humans to the universe itself. Author signed copies are available through Meta Research for $22.50 plus shipping costs. [A special discount is available if purchased with membership]

Pushing Gravity: New Perspectives in Le Sage's Theory of Gravitation edited by Matt Edwards, published 2002 by Apeiron in Montreal. Subject matter is the mechanism of gravity, history and current models. Copies are available through Meta Research for $25 plus shipping costs.

Eclipse Edge Expeditions offers guided excursions to usual astronomical events such as solar eclipses or meteor storms. See the Expeditions tab for more information and details about upcoming events.

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