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'Trying to find an open-minded scientist is like trying to find a Fundamentalist Christian who loves his enemies.' -- John Anthony West


Astronomers and collider collide
(CCC2 conference conclusions)

Crisis in Cosmology 2 conference
The end of the Big Bang? (Includes press conference.)

Deep Impact: Coming clues to the Origin of the Solar System

(but probably not the expected ones)

Kopeikin and the Speed of Gravity

Rebuttal Meta Research press release. See also email exchanges at "Home" tab, "Viewpoint" sub-tab".

"The Three Faces of Mars"
press conference
On the occasion of the closest approach of Mars to Earth in 60,000 years.

Artificial Structures on Mars NYC Press Conference

Slides and press kit from the May 8, 2001 press conference titled "Artificial Structures on Mars"

Artificial Structures on Mars DC Press Conference

Slides, video and press kit from the April 5, 2001 press conference titled "Artificial Structures on Mars"

Artificial Structures on Mars Announcement

Announcement of April 5, 2001 press conference titled "Artificial Structures on Mars"

NEAR Challenge Results
Final analysis of Eros images against original prediction

NEAR Challenge Update
Update on satellite prediction based on Eros' shape

Improbable Claims 
An examination of the MGS images of Cydonia

NEAR Challenge 
Test of EPH based on Eros images by Near satellite

The Satellites of Comet Hale-Bopp
NASA images of material ejected from the comet

The Satellites of Comet Hale-Bopp
NASA images of material ejected from the comet

Meta Research advocates strict adherence to the principles of scientific method. In particular, all theories, to be scientific, must meet these criteria:

  • add insight and understanding (not just for the author)

  • be in accord with all existing observations and experiments

  • make readily testable predictions, the failure of which will falsify the hypothesis

Meta Research points out failures to adhere to these principles, and decries the now-common practice of patching a theory by adding "helper hypotheses" to keep it viable. Our press releases draw attention to major violations of these precepts, new predictions that distinguish models, and new observational results of such predictions.

To the left is a list of press releases made for the record and the results to date.

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The president and head research scientist of Meta Research is Tom Van Flandern.

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