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About Meta Research

Our store is temporarily not processing orders, and we are temporarily not conducting expeditions.

Meta Research, Inc. is a scientific non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation run by a 7-member board of directors. It was founded in 1991 in response to the broad problem of getting support to do research on promising but unpopular alternative ideas in astronomy that have trouble getting funded from the usual sources. The organization supports and encourages research or observations in connection with astronomical theories that are in accord with observations and experiment, add insight or understanding, and make testable predictions; but that are not otherwise supported solely because they lie outside of the mainstream of the field of Astronomy.

Meta Research is supported by individual memberships, donations, expeditions, and sale of publications.  Our quarterly Meta Research Bulletin is separate from Membership. The electronic edition is open access, with Members receiving a notice of publication and a brief summary. The print edition is $24/year (U.S. & Canada) or $29/yr (all other countries). Eclipse Edge Expeditions (a subsidiary of Meta Research) offers excursions to exotic locations to view rare astronomical phenomena such as solar eclipses and meteor storms. Our eclipse expeditions go to near the edge of the path of totality, where the view is optimal.

Meta Research is registered with GuideStar, a company which tracks non-profit organizations and accepts anonymous donations on their behalf.

The name "Meta" (pronounced with a short "e") comes from the dictionary meaning of that prefix: "later or more highly organized or specialized form of; more comprehensive; transcending; used with the name of a discipline to designate a new but related discipline designed to deal critically with the original one."

Membership and other contributions to Meta Research are tax deductible in the United States.

How to Contact Us:

Meta Research
PO Box 3604
Sequim WA 98382-5040

Phone: xxx/xxx-xxxx
Fax:     xxx/xxx-xxxx


Web: <>

The Director of Research at Meta Research is engineer and physicist Larry Burford.

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